The concept of Wood starts with the rediscovery of certain elements of traditional artisanship reinterpreted with a modern take and breathes life into a line of wood furniture accessories including tablesice boxeslarderscupboards, wall units and shelves, with the option to add hobs and sinks.

Available in four colours – Wood NaturalWood GreyWood Blu NaviWood Porpora – the Wood elements exalt the texture of the freshly cut wood and paired with the classic, modern or contemporary Stosa kitchen system modules they create cosy environments that mix tradition and modernity.

This warm approach to the domestic space is the common thread of the entire concept of the Wood collection: the kitchen table is the ultimate symbol of Tuscan conviviality, and at the same time, a perfect worktop. The stools with a full, either tooth or monolith shape, recall the wood logs in country houses, while the drawer-wall units decorate the wall with vintage taste, looking to tradition with an innovative spirit.

The table can be made by adding different types of top, from marble to laminate, but can also be integrated into the hob – a solution that helps lighten the sense of clutter in the kitchen. Also conceived to bring lightness and originality to the room is the washing block with built-in dishwasher, an interesting alternative to the traditional sink, and has an HPL basin as well as the spacious compartment underneath.

An element with an irresistible charm, capable of kindling the entire room on its own, is the icebox. Available in three versions, in addition to the fridge it can house the oven, freezer, a window or the larder; a unique furniture piece, an eye-pleaser and also quite practical to use.

An essential part of the Wood line are the cupboards with glass door, open larders and sideboards that go back to being furniture that fascinates and that adorns the room.

In open spaces they can act as the keynote of the kitchen and living room area, as well as the console, which can be used to put things on or as a container in spaces where you pass through, or simply to enhance a corner of the house.

 Lastly we have the Wood shelves, these, too, in solid wood and just like all the elements in the collection they are perfect for dressing up the walls of your home. Customisable with metal object-holding compartments in Bianco, Peltro or Piombo finishing they give the room a modern personality, yet always rich in flavour.