50 years of history

50 years of history and one great passion: cooking.

We have always produced kitchens only, created and made to improve the lives of those who live, day in and day out, in the most convivial area of the house. We design and create outstanding quality products exclusively in Italy that are actually affordable for every Italian family and young people. That’s why a Stosa kitchen originates from authentic values like commitment, honesty, respect and originality— in Italy and in another 40 countries around the world, with a constantly growing market.

This successful company was founded in 1964 in Piancastagnaio, in the Siena area, and today boasts half a century of history.


to doing our very best with every single kitchen, directly at your house.


to turning our projects into truly sustainable living spaces.


for the nature that surrounds us, and for the entire production chain.


to be increasingly competitive when it comes to technological and practical innovation



Piancastagnaio, Tuscany: In a 300 m² carpenter’s shop the first production of STOSA kitchens begins and the foundations are laid for that which would become one of Italy’s most important companies.



The Sani family is at the helm of Stosa and continues on its path of growth, going toward an intense development strategy and strengthening of the company, a key moment for the affirmation of the brand in future



At this point it is clear that Stosa houses enormous potential:a fundamental step in its unstoppable rise is taken by purchasing a larger establishment, located on Strada Cassia, in the Val di Paglia area;Stosa travels with the wind in it sails.



Another upgrade for Stosa comes when it changes into a public limited company, a rite of passage in the course of growth and evolution from kitchen company to multinational brand.



Stosa is an expanding international holding company and spreads its wings once and for all with the construction of an imposing establishment of over 50,000 m², the current administrative headquarters and beating heart of the great STOSA Family.



Stosa is an established brand both at home and abroad, with a positive turnover and major areas of growth, always on the lookout for new challenges and new major objectives.


This is how we build our kitchens, day by day.
Thinking of you.

Ecology and Italian’s quality 100%.

Each year, Stosa produces more than 30,000 kitchens, with more than 30 models and 200 finishes on offer. We make 3,000 doors a day on 130 machines running.

With 50,000 m2 of production area, the two Stosa plants produce 4 pieces of furniture per minute on 2 production lines with quality control cameras along the entire assembly line.


Italian Design Made in Italy

The country of fashion, design and creativity. From people full of ideas, skills and determination. From products and items famous around the world, and coveted at all latitudes. Designed and tailor-made with a unique history, that makes a passion for beauty and excellence a fundamental characteristic. Stosa is made in Italy and plans and produces designer kitchens by renowned, professional Italians with a craftsmanship that makes innovation the most irresistible of traditions.

Tuscan origins

In the land of great artists, writers, scientists and musicians, from Michelangelo to Dante Alighieri and from Leonardo da Vinci to Giacomo Puccini.
The land of unique flavours and great wine-producing hills, from Chianti to Panforte.
The star of the Renaissance and the birthplace of the Italian language.
It is here that the Company has its origins and its headquarters.
Stosa Cucine was born and bred here, in Tuscany.

Certified quality

Solid, reliable and highly functional. Built with raw materials from forests monitored according to rigorous environmental standards and made through technological partnership with the best industry brands.

Stosa kitchens are rigorously certified.
We make products that are entirely respectful of the environment, mainly using energy from our plant’s large photovoltaic installation, according to the strictest regulations in effect.